Roland Jupiter-4
Roland Jupiter-4

Jupiter-4, Analog Synth from Roland in the Jupiter series.

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pipiou66 07/08/2005

Roland Jupiter-4 : pipiou66's user review


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Analog synth with all the knobs that go for the time is lfo, pitch bender, noise, ADSR, oscillating, portamento, arpegiatteur ...
Stereo output jack, not noon (normal for the time) sustain pedal,
ten factory sounds (piano synth bass trumpet sax .... what sounds normal factory are not at all indicative of the ability of the machine)
no effect :-(
4 channel polyphonic (supra cool for the time!! A luxury!)


Config super simple, you get a manual at all (c heuuu manual is not my friend eh, I mean the book that go with it)
sounds are trituration wish, turn the knob and the sound follows with, magical.
A tank designed for the stage, after years of good and vinght loyeaux service, a revision it still works and I was still a scene this evening! Let's hope it lasts!


The suit has its beacoup styles of music, al epoque it s used in progressive rock, then to the commercial ..... FFF s is also, and now hear the techno j elektroo man and man talking analog! Even the dub (with effect from behind) this machine comes out of the game

Cool sounds, hot hot desire, unstable as the true analogue (normal is real analog)


Mmmmmm my father used in the 1980, I bequeathed it in 1989, so I have the last 16 years!
What I like least ......... weight! but this, we can do anything about it
I have not bought the but if I had to put in a 500roro analog I think it would be that the