Roland Jupiter-6
Roland Jupiter-6

Jupiter-6, Analog Synth from Roland in the Jupiter series.

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Norrin 02/14/2004

Roland Jupiter-6 : Norrin's user review


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Noon but ultra basic implmentation


The particularity of the synthesis lies in the multimode filter, LP / HP / BP resonant

These are true VCO (not like juno COD)

A lot of possibilities (crossmod on tilt) 2 envelopes, etc., mode split and Unison

An update (Europa) greatly improves the implmentation twelve o'clock

It was a high-end analog synth the epoch


The use itself is rather simple, because there are a multitude of sliders and potentiometers. Ca for the JP6 is very valuable, no small economy, the interactivity is not gniale.
It is regrettable that with the memory system, there have no way to know the state of the knobs when changing patch, and the value of a parameter that will suddenly when the knob back the dtion.

Of course, if one takes from now the use of such a synthesis is somewhat more restrictive. We must send a control change as the synth is omni mode by default, unless the ROM updater.

Otherwise it is a polyphonic analog synths of the few with sliders, memory, and MIDI.


There is no good to say, a synthetic analogue is an analogue synth. Shame he did not have the Veloci rponde. The sound of JP6 is not that big of a moog, it remains trs Japanese in spirit, ie capable of subtlety and expressiveness. For me it is true that beginners I dcu t just because I was looking for that big sound as heard on the discs of Kraftwerk or otherwise. Are obtained trs sound good but in a more soft.
The JP6 characters has a less aggressive as some analog synths, but it compensates for this by chance rather consquentes synthse in terms of sound. The multimode filter is also a bit worse than I had hoped it was true that I also had an MS20 and this one breath away a little more

It is true that the JP6 is perhaps more comfortable in the sound effects, sounds in the other can not do that in the lower layers or the moog that dchirent all ...


I sold because I needed money. Polyphonic analog synth today is rare and expensive.
The INTERESTED JP6 is a compromise, it can complter a park that already possde essential machinery and offer more nuances and sounds more musical p.

Here c is also a good synth sacr a piece of collection. I think we need a better look that way now. Mine really silent impeccable home impeccable and beautiful with its plethora of red lights .... snif.

Today I would look at the cot of polyvolver dave smith ... when it comes out;)