Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Pro-One, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

choquette 09/25/2013

Sequential Circuits Pro-One : choquette's user review

«  still one of the best single market! »

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Unfortunately mine has the keyboard completely unplayable membrane (to be replaced by a type J-wire)
for those who already know the SH-101 digital control part (sequencer, arpeggiator) is the same, it just lacks the slide of sequencer 101

Connectivity: Stereo OUT, CV gate in and out; Filter CV in, Audio IN


The second oscillator can be turned into a second LFO (switch Lo-Freq) super complete: wave forms of stackable square with PWM ... otherwise remaining in audio frequency it can make FM (linear), the modulating audio filter, kind of Ring-modulation effects .... sounds using the Synchro VCO are truly monstrous (the specialty of Pro-5).
the filter is non-resonant type and color, but really the resonance rises twice as high as most synths it self oscillates at half the race knob, the cutoff frequency of the filter (cut-off) also rises very high, which in some cases allows him to sound like a HPF or BPF
the modulation matrix has two slots: one direct and one that involves the modulation wheel (ModWheel) but can be assayed and stack different modulations eg send two times the envelope on the filter!

Now let's review some of the flaws:
the pitch bender is still quite low design: no return to center automatically, just click in the middle.
increase the resonance of the filter lowers the volume (that is the filter topology: we can not do anything)
LFO somewhat limited: no delay (lag), no S / H LFO does not rise in the audio frequency (damage is a 3340 EMC again so it should be possible to easily convert into a 3rd VCO), but three forms of stackable waves (triangle, square, saw)!


sounds cover a very wide range, I 'get it to sound like a Minimoog, sometimes as an SH-101, the treble can be crystalline as a prophet 5 or ultra aggressive, true +: speed envelopes ( there on the modular we can do better), if compared to another synth with VCF CEM3320 was added a circuit hyper resonance (a second feedback loop) there is also a change from relative to the standard mounting CEM3320 to allow the lower cutoff frequency of a lower octave.
results obtained with CEM 3340 VCOs also depend largely on how they are implemented, I was surprised to see that it is used AOP cheap enough for the time (LM348 I think) but they are the ones giving the fishing, this incredible aggression, the only mono I know that most of the RSF KOBOL potato is the only game to be equal: Minimoog and Roland SH-2


although the sound does not exactly match with my music (rather Roland and Korg) I n 'not get' m apart, each time I lighter bam I come across completely crazy sounds (perfect for the Drum 'n'bass dark well, the break-core ....) and then I fall directly on classy sounds (techno / electro Detroit) leads very funky and "hot" or so "cold" sounds and electronic wholesale impossible to know where we will land is what gives it its charm.