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Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits .

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petitsynthe petitsynthe


Publié le 09/27/12 à 04:48
Like most Pro one, mine has a keyboard problem: some keys are offset in height. this is a known problem due to poor qualitée Bushings beneath the keys.

To remedy this, it will be a kit Kenton Pro Solo MIDI to control, either (do?) Repair as indicated on this page:

Pro one is actually a Prophet 5 monophonic and without memory, with a slightly different grain (for better bass sounds from those who own 2 but I have not been able to verify).


Simple as a button = one function but the possibilities of modulations of the machine are very powerful (section "modulation" to the left of the control panel)


I bought secondhand shortly after trying Arturia Minibrute (for 45 minutes with my headphone, store) even though it is excellent for the price, frankly the sound of one Pro has nothing to see: it is much thicker, bold and dirty!

Note that I say that without the snobbery towards Minibrute because it allows to (finally) the analog qualitée within reach of all budgets: it can only be a good thing for the music (and after all it is a matter of taste compared to my musical references).

Another point of comparison: compared to Moog Little Phatty my which also has a big and fat enough sound but without the side "dirty" and oscillators "driftent" Pro one: although a grain interresting, it is I is less alive (but I keep it, eh).

For those who want to watch the side of the virtual, there is an imitation which it seems is very good:

But nothing for me to do, I'd rather always true imitation, even well done (ok, there is no waiting for the finding, it is not the same price and it is certainly more convenient , etc. ... it's up to you ...): anyway to use a computer to make music for me for a long time, I'm "distracting" and it is a tool work for me (all day).

To return to more interesting, I would like to say that I am really impressed by the filter, and especially its resonance envelopes that are faster than I had in a synth!

Known examples of songs using this machine - "do not go" Yazoo (1982) for most of the sounds and - "a flash in the night" Secret Service (1981): therefore he excelled especially in styles synth-pop of the early 80s since been widely used to this day.

This video shows the capabilities of the beast:

Listen to this site ( small extract the title of Yazoo recreated with the Pro one:

The sounds of "Do not go," sure, that's him!

But it is certain that we can do much more titles "funky" electro or "modern" as it is versatile (largely thanks to powerful modulations).


My recent purchase but I'm sure I'll keep it very long (how many machines I sold to later regret such as the famous Jupiter 8 premium today? But hey, it was also for in question at the time: to buy a new machine, it was necessary to resell).

I think that the sound level (but not the making!), It is in the top three polyphonic synths, Minimoog in mind.

But unlike the Moog, he used a coast relatively reasonable (for how long? Shhh!).

;-) This little synth is actually not that obvious to find secondhand (although 10,000 copies were made).

One word to summarize what I think?

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