Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

Prophet 600, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

jeanjackdecompostel 02/10/2014

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 : jeanjackdecompostel's user review

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poly synth


simple, one button = one function


its rather aggressive, difficult to make it sound.
The filter is unusable, unless you do not turn the knob while playing the keyboard and all the knobs are very fragile, a synth any plastic not at all pleasant to grind.
The arpeggiator is not fun, I do not see how such a synth can take as much value.
It takes him to bcp effects c .. to catch this side "harsh" and save the furniture.


I used it for a year. I almost had all analos Polyphonic this time. Not at all endearing. There are better for a few hundred dollars cheaper, you will eventually see you as the spare.