Teisco SX-240
Teisco SX-240

SX-240, Analog Synth from Teisco.

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glup 05/29/2006

Teisco SX-240 : glup's user review


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Analog Synthtiseur 1983, 5 octave keyboard, sound ditables: lfo, vcf, attack, release, waveform, pitch ... (many paramtres all ditables) 8 voice polyphony (which is has to be compared to jupiter 8), Midi IN / OUT / THRU (twelve o'clock is a basic trs) A Squenceur Intgr with a memory of 1500 notes. The touch keyboard is quite enjoyable.
13/15 kilos Synthtiseur quite heavy and quite pretty with its wood veneer ct: it has the typical look vintage!


If you know the analog synthse you pick it up this synth in minutes. To edit your own sounds we choose a parameter, there affects the big wheel and it does its rglages is simple!
The user manual in English is clear.


The sounds on this Teisco trsralistes are not, but that's not what you asked! A synth music especially electronic / pop Rock. The violins are beautiful! Was hot and very FAT! The filter is quite agrssif. The Teisco SX 240 is especially useful for CRER beautiful tablecloths and leads. If you want big bass plutt choose a type of monophonic or Mini-Moog Sequential Circuits Pro-ONE.
Some people compare The Teisco SX 240 at the Roland Jupiter 8, they are technically close trs, trs but their sound is different: I think the Teisco has a more Japanese, trs Manga, near the KORG.


I have this synth for two years, and it took me several years to find a synth Teisco brand. We see trs rarely on the market of OCCAZ because it does not rev produced and sold (there is also the teisco60F)! If you find a jump on the OCCAZ because the price is a jupiter 8 trsdvalu compartment which now costs 1700 euros!
The strength of Teisco SX 240 is precisely its original sound that can turn into vritable trademark in compounds.
Two years ago, I pay 400 dollars.

A synthetic analogue rare, with a particular grain (this is a COOL), and that is not a compar piti jupiter Jupiter 6 or 8.Avec the current price of the old analog continues to rise I think it's a good deal until 600/700 euros, not more.