Apple iMac 27"
Apple iMac 27"

iMac 27", Apple Desktop from Apple in the iMac series.

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BadApple 03/22/2011

Apple iMac 27" : BadApple's user review

« Great but not the biggest fan of macs »

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With this imac 27 inch computer you get a brilliant display of high definition lcd.
It is a great computer as well, it performs really well with a lot of different programs up, we like to use skype and watch youtube and all that stuff and we have no problems with it not performing to how it is supposed to, I like to watch dvds in high definition on the monitor as it really grabs you in with its beautiful display.
I dislike how macs have to be differently set up in comparison to windows computers though such as the cross to close being at the other side of the window which is just a little thing that annoys me but I will eventually get over.
Games run really smoothly on this imac and look great, everything seems so real when playing a game on this computer but you will have to buy a mac compatible game which is annoying if you used to have a lot of windows games.
The sound quality from the macs speakers alone is great, we have our mac hooked up to some other speakers though which give a great sound but the mac speakers really do have a great sound.
The value for price is ok I guess... I mean they could make it cheaper but then that would not be so mac now would it?
I have had numerous computers and I have a laptop mainly for production but I have to say that this imac is very good all in all and worth a buy if you want a great computer for every day use.
Whilst the 27 inch screen is glorious I still feel as though it is rather big and you have to zoom in on web pages to actually get the full effect if you are just browsing around on the internet.