Apple PowerBook G4 15" / 512 Mo RAM / SuperDrive
Apple PowerBook G4 15" / 512 Mo RAM / SuperDrive

PowerBook G4 15" / 512 Mo RAM / SuperDrive, Apple Laptop from Apple in the PowerBook series.

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palad1 10/13/2004

Apple PowerBook G4 15" / 512 Mo RAM / SuperDrive : palad1's user review


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I possde a <a href="" onclick="'' + escape('')); return false;" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">15''PowerBook SuperDrive rev.c
</a> Since May 2004, the first Mac APRS over 15 years of PC, zero-Keude regrets, nothing, nada, null, use that computer becomes a total pleasure and not an act tedious.

Strengths (ascending)
<ul> Trs compact
The design is absolutely beautiful
This is one of the best keyboard I've ever given t use.
Once you get used to mac keyboard that has nothing to do at the placement of characters like @, #, | (shift-option-l) and ~ (Option). I always require at t trs keyboard, even carry around a qwerty Keytronic ergoforce with me always, but ...

The machine has a lot of potatoes, if only one upgrade RAM, VRAM, and especially the hard drive goes into 5400 RPM, is a monster, even if on paper it is not worth a P4, but cf. the following point
Mac OS X v10.3 Panther: Oh my god, it's full of stars ...
OS is a completely stunning, trs interface clear, and if you want to get their hands dirty, it's a BSD with all the flops of open source apps you could possibly need.
It is the use of the OS and its interface ( Expos! ( ) ) that I spend a DCID Mac plutt than staying in Wintel.


Weaknesses (ascending)
TOC: it's upscale enough coteux so, however, and contrary to reues ides, a PC with the same rating as much as a CHARACTERISTICS Mac ...
The base config should be absolutely upgrade.
<ul> 512 Megs of RAM is really fair, do not buy a hsiter RAM (non-Apple RAM is cheaper, like Kingston or Crucial) to pass a two 1Gig or even if you make the vid o.
The basic hard drive is 4200 RPM with 4 megs of cache, upgrade to 5400 rpm with 16 megs if any swap will be felt. To make the DV edition, do not buy a hsiter a FW800 external drive
The lifespan of the battery: 2:30
This is normal, given the perfs, but APRS seeing a Pentium-M 7 hours stay alive by passing its clock speed to 15MHz mappy to display a map in the sticks when we silent palm s, I must say that I have with my RALIS pbook during a juice for 2 hours, I had put his finger on the biggest default in the machine. A rev.d see a process that could have more economy, but for a good battery life, it is an iBook, PowerBook ... no


My choice:
I made ​​my choice APRS have used an iBook for a night to be playing around with GarageBand ( ) (limit but very practical if you have no guitar amp). Especially the OS DCID me really. Having a good knowledge Unix, the most curious j'tais

Now that I matrise the machine, I think I'll rub my beefier applications like Logic ( ) .

Ah dernire a precision, the Fantastic Four come in Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook ( ) , and-this is incredible-all are made ​​in the spirit trs Mac and enjoyable to use.

Finally, I do not regret at all that purchase, the next looming ending for my girlfriend pride myself rgulirement my powerbook for work, while it has an Athlon XP 3600 with 2gig of ram for it alone ...

In rsum Once you Mac, you never go back