Alesis MasterLink ML-9600
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600

MasterLink ML-9600, Audio CD Recorder from Alesis.

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Diapason415 10/26/2005

Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 : Diapason415's user review


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Alesis Masterlink - Transfer Vinyl

It use "idiophile" somewhat special ...
Overall, the device is a CD medium, a good converter, a DSP trs good (with functions limitations), and an excellent writer.
So I read the vinyl with a sharp enough equipment (Thorens turntable "heavily" modified, cell BM, Anzai transformer A75, prampli RIAA "house") and goes directly to the Masterlink with analog A / D conversion bits/88 in 24, 2 Khz.
Sampling of this frquence is chosen to facilitate the "downsampling" 88.2>> 44.1 KHz, which is rput happen in the best conditions when the processor works with multiples.
A single DSP = each track is "normalized" to realign its maximum level on the zero-numrique to make the most of the dynamics of 24 bits.
Especially no compression or attempted rduire the surface noise!
Finally, burning from the hard drive to CDs "Redbook" (16/44, 1), on CD-R brand not too rotten.
Well, in two cases prcis the exact specifications costs (on systems of high-end) were musically rvls suprieurs the commercial edition on CD same records! Do not have statistics on two cases, but all the same ....
And we can do even better (suivre. ..)
Alesis Masterlink - dtach spices.

A big advantage of this device is that it uses standard computer components, so no coteux.
But watch the stuff = IT evolves so fast that the 40 GB hard drives and CD burners do not find that ending for the muses!
In my opinion, users would do well to have prvoyants Reserved in a hard drive and a CD especially for a MODEL recognized by the Masterlink (some updates of the OS do in fact MODEL adds a list of recognized writers dj).
There on the Alesis site file (ML_History.pdf) rcapitulant the history of the OS, o DIFFERENT compatible burners are indicated.

We should get away with less than 100 Euros for a hard drive plus a spare ...
Notice people safe!
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