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Thread June 25, 2016 editorial: comments

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1 June 25, 2016 editorial: comments


My role at Audiofanzine is changing. Starting next week, I’ll only be contributing part time so that I can pursue other career opportunities. I’ll still be writing some stories for Audiofanzine, and on the first Saturday of every month, I’ll be writing this editorial. So if you enjoy the column, it’s not going away, it just won’t appear as often.

You’ll probably notice that we’ve streamlined the Audiofanzine home page, as well, and will be focusing more on our tutorial articles (“Getting Started”). I will be contributing an interview story every month with a producer, engineer, or recording musician, so keep your eyes out for those. 

I’ve really enjoyed the comments I’ve gotten on these editorials, and I wanted to thank everyone who contributed. It just so happens that next Saturday is the first Saturday of July, so look for my next column then. In the meantime, enjoy your summer, and keep making music!

Hola Mike,
Thanks for your good work...Hope you have opportunity to play and sing some good music to elevate the spirit of Mankind. Best musicians live in trees....Shalom, birdsongz
All the best Mike with the other career opportunities. Shame you won't be around as often but it's good to know you're not gone for good! :)
Well, Mike, we wish you the best of luck with your musical endeavours. We will miss your editorials but are glad to know you will still be contributing on a monthly basis. I must say your editorials were/are always very interesting, eloquent and you never seemed hard pushed to find a good subject to talk about. Rock on, mate!

Astra: Lead Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter.


Hello Mike .. Thank you for such great up to date real world day to day articles on the state of the music industry . we @ American-Recording- Studios.com located in Memphis Tn, have used them to educate clients ,engineers ,producers and ourselves .. Thank you again for taking the time in sharing all the wonderful information with all of us music & audio fans your feedback on products and methods in the studio world have been most helpfull . Cheers to you and will look forward to continue reading your new format . Many Thanks Brad Dunn ,David Gicking , Jeff Dunn , @ :bravo:American Recording & DuckDunn.Com
Thanks to all for the kind words. Much appreciated! :bravo:
Hi Mike:

Whew! When I first started reading your article, at first I thought it was going to be a goodbye. However, I'm pleased to know that, although monthly now, you're 'still' be around. Anyone who has read your articles know that they are far-reaching, and never stale or uninteresting. I've been using the Internet for a pretty long time, and have made it a point to keep my memberships at various sites to a bare minimum. This site, thanks to your input, is one of the few that I find really useful (as it pertains to audio/music technology).

Major success to you, as you devote more of your time and energy to the art of making music. After all, none of us is getting any younger, eh? <lol>

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Thanks, Griff! I appreciate it! I always look forward to your opinions in reaction to the column. Always good stuff. :bravo:
Mike, I wish you the best for your new activities! Your editorials are always a welcome entry in my mailbox, and when I have no time to read them as soon as they arrive, I always find the time to do it later because I understand and plause the passion and commitment that you put on them.
Keep on keeping on! :bravo:
I understand and plause the passion and commitment that you put on them.

Thanks!! :bravo: