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Thread May 29, 2010 editorial: comments

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1 May 29, 2010 editorial: comments
http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/replicate/EXID27365/images/Lost.jpgDear Fellow Audiofanziners!

So this was a particularly difficult week for us, which started actually the previous Thursday.  Site traffic was greatly reduced and I was going nuts analyzing statistics trying to come up with a reason why people decided not to visit the site... Was it spring fever and people are tired of their PCs?

Slowly I received complaints from users whose IP addresses were being blocked.  I checked, no I did not ban these people.  Anyway, long and behold the culprit was found- our network administrators in NY.  Apparently, they had a major network problem with US IPs. It was a very big bug because it took more than a week to fix it.

So if you've had trouble accessing the site this past week and felt a bit Lost, we apologize! Though with all the season finales (Lost, 24, Big Bang etc.) I'm sure you found other ways to occupy yourselves.