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Thread June 26, 2010 editorial: comments

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1 June 26, 2010 editorial: comments
Dear Fellow Audiofanziners!

fete de la musicThis past week on the 21st of June was the famous Fete de la Musique or World Music Day.  I am not sure if you guys heard of it or experienced it yourselves, as it is predominantly a French holiday tradition, though it is being picked up by other countries and cities around the world.

I've had the fortune to experience it firsthand in France, and really for all music lovers this a dream.  In every city in France on that day, from Paris to the tiniest villages there many bands and performances playing out in the open in the streets all night long free of charge.  In fact the streets and venues are teeming with all kinds of musicians, of all genres. 

It's a total pleasure to stroll the streets of the city from one place to another sampling the different sounds, stopping at different cafes to grab a drink and enjoy the summer night.  Don't have a band?  Don't worry!  Just grab your gear and head out into the night to make new musical connections.  People are very open to improvisations and open jams.  You stay out long enough and you end up singing and playing with a group you never met before.  Maybe this is how you can find your new group?  Kind of like an impromptu audition. 
fete de la music
In short, I hope in the future that the Fete de la Musique gets exported to more and more countries, because this is the one day in the year for musicians that they can truly take a break from the many hats that they wear and just play their hearts content. (Photo credit: Thomas Claveirole)