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Thread September 18, 2010 editorial: comments

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Topic September 18, 2010 editorial: comments

afDear Fellow Audiofanziners!

Today I'd like to start a short series profiling some of our dedicated staff here which burns the midnight oil to bring you the latest in audio gear news and reviews.  I'd like to profile today our Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Gregoire Nachbauer.  Nachbauer and his team of testers are single handedly responsible for the complete chaos enveloping our office.  There is all kinds of gear, and gear parts lying around- before, during or after testing.  Whole or in parts.  The editorial team has the coveted job of receiving for free all kinds of cool new guitars, amps, audio interfaces, pedals, synths etc.  and playing with it, and then giving THEIR opinion.  Wow.  You see college pays off!

Most of the articles you see on Audiofanzine are the fruits of Nachbauer's labor.  So now, I know what you are thinking.... And the sad answer is, yes, we regretfully have to return all tested gear back to their original owners.  Oh well.