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Thread October 30, 2010 editorial: comments

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1 October 30, 2010 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziers!

This week we have launched a most important function on our site: Global User Reviews.  As you know, Audiofanzine is a global sites and as such we have users contributing their gear reviews in other languages such as French, Spanish, German and Italian.  Previously, these reviews were not accessible to English speakers, unless you physically visited the parallel global site and happened to speak the foreign language.  Well, no more!

Today, when you visit a product page, and click on the Reviews icons, all reviews in all languages will show up, with the English of course on the top of the list, where applicable.  We have integrated Google Translate for those reviews in other languages.  While translation is not perfect, I think it will give you a rough idea of the content of the review.  This for sure, is better than nothing.  Now, you can be armed with over 70,000 user reviews, written by people like you all over the world.