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Thread November 6, 2010 editorial: comments

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1 November 6, 2010 editorial: comments

pt9Dear Fellow Audiofanziners,

This week we saw the return of the AES Convention to San Francisco.  The Audio Engineering Society has been running this convention apparently since the dawn of audio time itself, with less focus on glitz and glamor (NAMM...) and more on tutorials, workshops, paper presentations.  For our purposes, we focused on the recording industry side of things and undoubtedly the biggest news on that front came from Avid with their announcement of Pro Tools 9.  Now all that's left to do is download our very own copy and take it for a test drive.  Look out for an Audiofanzine review of Pro Tools 9 in the weeks to come.



The last time I used a free download of protools it cost a foftune and didn't work for more than a few minutes at a time before crashing. I'm hoping things have got better, but there going to have got a hell of a lot better to lure me away from cubase :)