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Thread December 4, 2010 editorial: comments

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1 December 4, 2010 editorial: comments

xmasDear Fellow Audiofanziners!

So officially the holidays season is upon us.  We changed the skin for the homepage and now the race is on to finish everything in time for Christmas.

If you are like most normal folks, you go out of your way to think of a nice gift for someone, and then you go about finding the best/cheapest place to buy this treasure.  Most of the time everyone is happy.  Sometimes you encounter a bad merchant, bad service or both.  No doubt, you immediately post your chagrin on the net for all to see.  All, including Google who takes into account the extra links your tirade has generated about merchant X and actually brings him up higher in search engine results. Crazy no?  Well no more, now according to Google "Being bad to your customers is bad for business" and just in time for the shopping season.  So shop all you want and feel free to go nuclear on the net when you have been mistreated.

We have published this week a very interesting test on some laptops for music production.  The practicality of being mobile while producing/editing music, we all understand.  But the truth is that it is hard to customize a laptop for this purpose, and requires a certain level of tech savviness.  When you take into account, the extra cost and work involved, it seems to me more practical to just go with a desktop and be sedentary.  On cold days, your would-be-super-laptop would thank you for it.