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Thread February 5, 2011 editorial: comments

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1 February 5, 2011 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners,

piratesLots has been written and said and rehashed about the deplorable state of the music business since the invention of the MP3.  So I won't say it again.  I just remember back when I temped at Capitol Records what a luxurious experience it was with free concert tickets, private shows, free CDs, the fancy offices, the backstage parties.  And I was just a lowly temp!  I doubt the same wheels are in motion.  And I wonder what has become of the A&R reps who had 'god like' status back in the days...

Anyway, as we open 2011 I bring you 5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2011:

  1. Music subscription services will be popular, but not profitable.
  2. More artists will finally get 'social'.
  3. Music videos will continue their renaissance online.
  4. Ping (Apple's new social network) will never take off - never.
  5. Music piracy will not die.

Back to reality, I'd like to point out our nifty review of Adam A3X active monitors- the smallest of the bunch in the series, which is a good alternative for those without deep pockets or lots of studio space.




The one and only reason I haven't unsubscribed this newsletter are your glorious editorials! Always intelligent, witty and full of spot-on observations. Keep up the good work!

Ger Dik