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Thread August 13, 2011 editorial: comments

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1 August 13, 2011 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners!

I'd like to turn your attention today to the 38,000 + user reviews we have achieved on our site as of this writing.  The reviews themselves I find to be informative, detailed and some are very funny.  They represent a crucial reference for musicians and recording engineers  everywhere.  Without user reviews where would we be really?  I hardly ever buy a piece of hardware or software without first consulting user reviews.  So I urge you to check them out before your next purchase.

Similarly, if you have some time to add your own review to the site that would be super.  A small way to pay back all those who have previously written reviews.

You will notice also that some of the reviews have been translated from our French site, so bare with us as we polish those up as the translation is sometimes not perfect.  But we figured imperfectly translated reviews are better than no reviews for those products that are in demand.

We published two interesting articles this week one Arrangement 101 to help you guys out with song structure and harmony.  And another is a look into U2's Stadium Sound, an interesting behind the scenes look at how it is all put together on this monster show.

Have a good weekend wherever you are!


I cannot get my review to send, Its an Epiphone Les Paul Custom alpine White, It is setting there right now, just keeps going back to send, but never sends? Help, pleasegraysquirrel36

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Still no help, I guess its not open for review, thanks!