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Thread September 10, 2011 editorial: comments

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Topic September 10, 2011 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners!

Earlier this week we published a news item regarding Fender introducing the Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar which is modeled on the battered 1965 Jaguar that Kurt Cobain played.  I suppose it was just a matter of time before Kurt as well will succumb to all signature guitar models that rock heros of our time launch.  Of course, there isn't anything wrong with that if that's what you like. Except in Kurt's case he was unable to say anything about having a guitar modeled after his own guitar.  And I suppose that this is what bothers me most.  Someone who has proprietary rights to Kurt Cobain's persona and image has given their consent.  Kurt and Nirvana were always against such 'rock star antics' which included merchandising after oneself.

But while Nirvana detested commercialism it was clear they were also attracted by 'the man' and had a love-hate relationship with money and selling out.  With money came the power to do more of what they wanted or didn't want and it was ultimate power tool.  Twenty years have passed since Nevermind, and who knows what kind of Kurt Cobain we would find today- a still relevant and creative musician? a recluse?  Maybe 20 years later Kurt would not mind his own signature guitar.

For the young ones among us, a great biography of Nirvana is called Come as You Are.  Highly recommended.  A very inspiring story that at the time I read cover to cover squatting in Barnes & Nobles one afternoon.  I still purchased it after I was done.