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Thread November 5, 2011 editorial: comments

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1 November 5, 2011 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners,

http://fbmania.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/offline.jpgWho here doesn't have a Facebook and a LinkedIn profile?  If you want to do any kind of networking you must be there whether you like it or not.  What you choose to display is your area of control, but you almost have no choice in being there.  Also,  it is no secret that potential recruiters surf Facebook and LinkedIn for potential matches.  Similarly, if your resume is on their table, better clean up your profile if you didn't already.  Professionals you used to admire and had no chance of rubbing shoulders with, are now not so intimidating once you see their vacation photos on their profile.  The sky is the limit with internet shmoozing, with a new set of rules being written for virtual 'shoulder rubbing'.

So where am I going with this?  With time as a scarce commodity if you must invest in one profile or another, invest in Facebook.  A recent study by an online recruiting research lab Potentialpark found out that "while employers continue to use professional networking site LinkedIn for recruiting, especially when hand-picking for executive positions, they prefer interacting with students and graduates via Facebook".  And there are 7 reasons for that.

Regardless, potential candidates seem to be creeped out by companies chatting them up on Facebook.  Just leave us alone, seems to be what they want to say.  Is there no place to hide?  Where can I finally be myself without worrying about leaving breadcrumbs?  I think the answer to that must be no other than "an offline environment that cannot be documented digitally".  So where does that leave us with?  Places where technology is not allowed (e.g. takeoff and landing during flights) or not understood (my mom's house).

Have a good weekend!