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Thread December 3, 2011 editorial: comments

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1 December 3, 2011 editorial: comments

Dear fellow Audiofanziners!

We all know that music is art and we'd like to think of ourselves as artists, he he...  Some instruments can be thought of as a work of art, and rightfully so...so beautiful they can never be played ;-)  But what about music gear?  We think about music gear as in service of our artistically beautiful instruments and our music in general.  Manufacturers go to great lengths to try to design this external audio interface or that DI box to be as sexy as possible, but next to your cherry red Gibson, they always lose.

So here comes a man, David Byrne, back in 2008 (yep just stumbled upon this now), who took it upon himself to create pedalboard art.  Yes, used music gear (effect pedals) to create art.  The pedal board itself- a carpet of 100 pedals, is the art piece.  The idea is that a gallery visitor is forced to walk across the pedals thereby making random pedals turn on and off with a loop playing through them.  No high heels though!

The result is at worst some screeching random fuzz distortion and at best some cool loops.  Anyway, some food for thought.  Now you know what you can do with all those pedals that you have scattered around.