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Thread April 7, 2012 editorial: comments

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Topic April 7, 2012 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow AudioFanziners!

This week I stepped out of my shell, mostly thanks to an impromptu free baby sister, and went out to the movies.  Last time I did this was before my son was born over a year ago!  Oh the freedom!  It was magic.  We picked the closest movie theater and decided to see the much hyped Hunger Games.  I thought I will be sitting in an empty theater.  I mean, who goes out to the movies on Tuesday night?  Apparently every teenager imaginable.  Did I feel a bit old and out of place?  Certainly!  But not as much as my partner who was the minority sex in the room.  OK, so it's nice to mingle with teens once in a while and the film itself was entertaining.  My feeling was that the game part of the plot should have been longer, more involved, and maybe embodying some more complex moral decisions.  The heroine, never had to really make tough choices.  If she killed it was in self-defense.  She did what she had to do- she loved to save herself and her partner.  A little bit more "Lord of the Flies" could have made things more interesting and maybe even appealed to wider audiences.  

Now back on to our business, the Audiofanzine/Waves CLA Competition closed it's doors April 3rd and has now moved to the public voting stage.  So make sure to vote for your favorite band!  Only the top 25 finalists from this stage will make it to Chris Lord Alge's ears....