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Thread April 28, 2012 editorial: comments

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1 April 28, 2012 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners!

A couple of things to go over this week...  Let's start with business first.  We are looking to hire some gear user review writers.  So if you own lots of gear or have used lots extensively in the course of your work/play and you are interested in writing some user reviews for us, please send me a personal message here (Chater-La).

Also, we have recently launched our Audiofanzine in English Facebook page.  It's a humble beginning but we hope that you will 'like' us and post something on our wall.  

Last, I am please to announce that winners have been announced for the Audiofanzine/Waves CLA song competition.  The grand prize winner is Elle and the Fury who will have their track mixed by Chris Lord Alge himself.  With over 1,400 entries and 20,000 votes this was a very successful competition.  Waves themselves said it that was their best ever, and they do lots of competitions...  Chris Lord Alge had this to say at the end as he was judging the final 25:  

"Thank you everyone for all the hard work! It has been so much fun to hear all of the music; I have been listening to these songs for days and days, and even for someone who listens to hundreds of songs a year, this became a huge challenge. It took many listens before I decided, and it was very, very tough. In the end, what was most important to me was the song and the emotional spirit."

Can't wait to hear the CLA version of this track.  The original version is already pretty rocking.