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Thread May 26, 2012 editorial: comments

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Topic May 26, 2012 editorial: comments

Dear Fellow Audiofanziners!

This week we published a news item about Google paying tribute to Robert Moog on his 78th birthday by changing the Google Doodle to a Moogle= an interactive Moog synthesizer.  My first reaction was that I was really surprised that Google was such a Moog synthesizer fan- it's a bit of a niche fetish reserved to synth gear geeks and us here at Audiofanzine.  So immediately Google's stock increased tremendously in my eyes.  For us website administrators and programmers, Google can sometime seem like your arch enemy what with all their search engine secret algorithm updates that makes traffic stats oscillate.  Sometimes it feels like a wild horse on the loose as you try desperately hold the reigns tight.

But OK, big kudos to Google for deciding to do this.  Yet, the true big thumbs up need to go to the programmers who designed this interactive doodle, which in my opinion is Google's finest to date.  This  is the kind of stuff that only a company the size of Google can afford to do- pure indulgence and diverting of company resources to pay homage to a long harbored passion.  And maybe just maybe many of Google's young users who never heard about Moog synthesizers before, will now, following a full day of tinkering with the Moogle, will turn a new leaf and few more synth geeks will be born.

To find out more how to play with the interactive Moogle check out this video by Moog engineer.