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Thread March 15, 2014 editorial: comments

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1 March 15, 2014 editorial: comments

Today is the last day of Musikmesse, the big gear show in Frankfurt, Germany. As expected, there were plenty of new products introduced, and we’ve already posted 26 videos, straight from the show floor!

I don’t want to be boastful…well, yes I do! Audiofanzine's coverage of Musikmesse is second to none. A lot of websites put up their trade show videos a week, two weeks, or even more after the show, whereas we post virtually all of ours during the show. It’s the closest you can get to real-time video coverage. And we do this with NAMM, as well. Go to the Musikmesse link, and check out the videos and news stories.

Speaking of cool gear and trade shows, we posted a review this week of one of the hottest new products out there, one that was debuted at NAMM this January. It’s the UAD Apollo Twin, the new, lower-priced audio interface in the acclaimed Apollo series. Not only is it a high-quality interface, but it gives you UAD effects that can be used on input or during mixdown.

Another new review this week was of the Korg Kross workstation keyboard, which aims to set a new standard for entry-level keyboards of its type. Find out what our reviewer thought, and hear some examples of its sounds. And we've got a couple of very cool reviews scheduled for this coming week, so check back frequently to Audiofanzine.

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Mike Levine