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Thread May 31, 2014 editorial: comments

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Topic May 31, 2014 editorial: comments

User Reviews are a popular part of the Audiofanzine site, and we'd love to see even more of them. Because we're a community of recording and performing musicians, everyone has valuable opinions and insights to offer. We make it easy for you to write a review, so if you haven't already, give it a try.

Just click on one of the green Write a User Review buttons, which you can find throughout Audiofanzine. The button takes you to a brief list of guidelines, and after you've read and agreed to them, and chosen a product, you're presented with the user review form (you can directly select a piece of gear to review by clicking on the user review button on its product page). The form is organized by categories: "Characteristics, Utilization, Sound Quality, and Overall Opinion," and within in each are suggested questions for you to answer about the product. It's a piece of cake.

I know that when I'm researching a product to buy, I will look at both pro and user reviews — to get a range of opinions. I bet you do the same. So make your opinions heard about the gear you own, write a user review (or many). Reviews don't have to be about recently released products. If you want to review a classic like the Shure SM57 or the Martin D28, or even something obscure, have at it (in the unlikely event that the product isn't in our database, you can add it). Every review is archived on the Audiofanzine site, and when someone goes to its associated product page, they can pull it up and read it. Cool, right?

As the person who writes a lot of pro reviews for Audiofanzine, I am always curious to read users' opinions of those products, to see if they've come to the same conclusions I did. For example, this week I reviewed the Electro-Harmonix EHX Tortion, an overdrive/distortion stompbox for guitar that can give you everything from warm clean sounds to crunch to high-gain distortion. It even offers amp simulation. I liked it a lot. Have any of you used it? Do you agree with me that it's an excellent pedal? Write a user review on that or any product, and let us know your opinion. 

Have a great week.

Mike Levine

U.S. Editor, Audiofanzine