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Thread June 21, 2014 editorial: comments

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1 June 21, 2014 editorial: comments

If you haven’t read it already, “L.A. Renaissance Man”, the interview we posted this week with artist, producer, film & TV scorer Carmen Rizzo. After years on the L.A. music scene, he has some pretty interesting insights into how the music business has changed (some might say “devolved”) due to the proliferation of home studios and the steep decline in revenue that artists can make from selling their music.

Rizzo’s career has been split between producing others and composing and creating his own music. He has numerous albums out, and his music is regularly played on satellite radio and public radio, but he too faces challenges of any independent artist to promote himself and keep his fans engaged. To that end, he talks about how he goes about promoting his music on social media, which I found to be very informative, and I bet you will too.

He also talks about his favorite iPad music apps, and that dovetails nicely with a story I posted earlier this week, recommending five excellent iOS synth apps for under $10. As I mentioned in my editorial from a couple of weeks ago, you can really get some amazing software instruments for iOS for very little, compared to what similar instruments cost for the Mac or PC platform.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to Audiofanzine member BrianFantana82, for the detailed and thoughtful User Review he posted of the Hufschmid Guitars Green Drop Jazz III XL picks. He did a great job of making a potentially dull subject like guitar picks interesting and engaging. We encourage all of you to do like Brian and post your product opinions via User Reviews.

And, of course, your comments are always welcome on our Forums.

Have a great week.

Mike Levine

U.S. Editor, Audiofanzine