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Thread November 14, 2015 editorial: comments

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1 November 14, 2015 editorial: comments

I had an editorial about gear all written for this week, but after what happened in Paris last night, it doesn’t feel right to talk about music technology today. I apologize for letting bad news intrude on a space where you don’t usually expect to find it, but when I think about those poor people at the concert hall and the restaurants who were mercilessly gunned down, I can’t get too worked up about the latest compressor or EQ.

For me, the story also has a more personal connection, because Audiofanzine’s parent company is based in Paris, so I have lots of friends and colleagues there. What’s more, I was in Paris just a week ago, attending Audiofanzine 15th Anniversary party. Luckily, everyone I know there is ok.

I’ll get back to gear and software next week. 

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Hi Mike:

I'm at a lost for words, man. We all have families and friends. Whether in France, or any part of our global community, when catastrophic events like this occur, our collective responses are more or less the same.

On the one hand, I am extremely saddened about what has happened; but, on the other and, I extremely angry (viscerally). The word, "anger" does not adequately describe my feelings. To be totally honest, I want revenge. I want "revenge" on these blood-thirsty monsters who seem to have no "human" restraints for the despicable acts they've demonstrated over these past few years. (The list of atrocities seems to grow daily).

My sincere thoughts and profound emotions go out to the innocent victims and their families... Beyond that, I wish that we could rid the world of this pestilence.
I appreciate Mike and others who have posted that Paris overrides most everything now. Music, hopefully, will help us soften and heal within, and send a message that needs to heard outward. As others have said, my feelings are a wide range from sadness to rage. May we find a way that allows us to protect ourselves, and at the same time, not become more like our enemies. That is a very difficult path. Some have walked it, but they are few. If nothing else, this inhuman madness makes us check in closely to that which remains sane and holy within us.
If nothing else, this inhuman madness makes us check in closely to that which remains sane and holy within us.

Cannot agree with you more, musical compadre.
Innocent people are gunned down and bombed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, etc, more or less every day, and we are not made aware from regular media. Sure the attacks in Paris hit closer to home, but the tragedies are nonetheless.
Normally, I truly stick to topics exclusively devoted to music. But, I must say one last word on the ISIS (pandemic) disease. The ENTIRE "civilized" world must be on the SAME page. Without global cooperation (including, and especially Russia) ISIS will continue to metastasize. That's it (for me) on this discussion.
I appreciate you decision. I believe the whole country and over the world we're all in a state of shock, there are no words for these tragic events. Many young people are involved which makes it even sadder. God bless the families and friends that lost a loved one and all the injured people that are struggling for their lifes in the different hospitals. These are very sad days...
Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments.
Our thoughts and best wishes are with the people of Paris, with those killed and injured, and with their friends and families wherever they may be. Many things are more important than gear, and this certainly is one of them.