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Thread Direct monitoring in stereo - help needed! - interfaces driving me mad

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1 Direct monitoring in stereo - help needed! - interfaces driving me mad
Warning - I am very ignorant about interfaces and recording. Probably don't know what i am talking about!!

Wish to record jam sessions and mix in prerecorded tracks and/or live synth vsts (Reaper). Use cheap behringer mixer for live instruments during jams (usually guitar and two synths sometimes vocal mic).

I presume i need to direct monitor live stuff while mixing with stuff already in reaper to avoid latency. I read somewhere this is particularly important for singers using headphones.

Researched interfaces and chose focussrite 2i2. very happy with quality, but has a problem - direct monitoring is mono only. Surprised, disappointed, more research, discovered that indeed it is not my incompetence, direct monitoring is indeed mono only. This really messes up the synth and guitars which often use stereo delays and reverbs (lots of ambienty music made!). Everything records in stereo perfectly but what we hear through direct mix is mono.

I read on a forum that the M audio M track plus would do the trick so bought one of them. It doesn't, direct monitoring is still mono. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Reading specifications on manufaturers web sites does not help me, they never seem to mention this aspect.

Can anyone suggest an interface that i could buy? 2 channel recording is all i need but in the future 4 or 6 simultaneous channels could be useful so i wouldn't rule out bigger more complex interfaces if that is the only way to get stereo direct monitoring. I don't mind paying what it takes but this is only for our own fun, we don't need super high quality, so would rather not pay £100s.

Please don't hesitate to shoot me down in flames if i am being a complete idiot, as i say this is all new to me.

And thanks for rreaing as far as this . . . . .