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Thread Interface troubles

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1 Interface troubles
hey everybody...

i have yamaha USB mixer...12 inputs....etc. etc. and Cubase SL3. they work pretty well together for the simple recording i like to do. however....i've run into one (amongst many other) problems.

the mixer connects to my computer via USB. When i plug multiple mics/instruments into the mixer (lets say 8 mics for a drum set, each capturing a seperate cymbal/drum) the 8 mics are mixed into a single stereo signal when they go to the computer. When i'm recording in Cubase, i can't bring up the level of, let's say, the snare drum (let's say the snare is going into channel 2 in Cubase).

In Cubase, when i solo a channel, i do not hear the microphone that corresponds to that channel....i hear the overall monitor mix. Is the audio signal being automatically mixed into stereo when it goes to USB??? can anyone help me???

it seems kind of pointless to have 12 channels on the mixer when i cant even control all 12 channels in my DAW.

Right now my rig is acting more like a live recording rig...

I hope the above statements make sense, and that someone can help me sort things out. Thanks in advance!!!!
What's the model number of your mixer?