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Thread Steinberg UR22 Mk 11 - Recording issue

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Topic Steinberg UR22 Mk 11 - Recording issue
When recording the record monitor levels on the DAW are correct as they go in, the actual recording levels on the timeline are almost non-existent unless the Gain is turned to max. This obviously creates hiss and the audio is not usable.

I have a 2015 late model iMac with Calatlina and a Steinberg UR22 Mk 11 audio interface with a microphone and speakers
The mic has been swapped and tested
The lead has been swapped and tested
The driver has been downloaded and shows to be correctly installed in the MIDI audio utility
Audio in preferences in mac selected as Steinberg
Audio in preferences Logic selected as Steinberg

Have uninstalled driver and reinstalled several times - also installed firmware update

Have installed driver in my apple laptop and have exact same problem with the Steinberg interface
Same problem in Garage band - so it's not Logic
USB microphone records perfectly

I did swap out for a FOcusrite and encountered same problem....I'm now doubting that is correct.....and am going to do test again.

Any ideas anyone - i'm stumped?