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Thread Can i use SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio as default 'Sound Recording' while MOTU

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1 Can i use SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio as default 'Sound Recording' while MOTU
I have Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 PC w/ a Pentium 4 CPS 3.40 and 2 GB or RAM. System is running Windows XP.

I hope you can help.

I'm trying to set up a little home recording system and was given a MOTU 828 Firewire audio interface and this has been set up as the default device for 'Sound Playback'.

What i'm trying to do is use a simple mp3 recorder (i-sound wma mp3 recorder & focus mp3 recorder) to record audio samples from CD's and streaming websites. I'm trying to use "What U Hear" feature that these programs offer to achieve this.

I've tried using the soundcard that is in the computer, SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [DCC0], as the default for 'Sound Recording.' I can hear audio, but the program(s) don't seem to notice that there is an audio signal. i've tried various combinations (using the Wave/MP3, MIDI synth etc. as sources to record from) and different programs, but none work.

i'm in the process of acquiring software to do home recording, Sonar, but hope i can utilize what i have as i don't have a lot of cash. it seems that this should be simpler than it is. also, the person who gave me they system said they were able to do this in the past and that i must have installed something that has caused this conflict(?).

thanx for any help you can and sorry if i posted this in the wrong area.