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Thread Problems with USB-audio interfaces! (Edirol UA-12 & Tascam US-122)

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1 Problems with USB-audio interfaces! (Edirol UA-12 & Tascam US-122)

EDIT: Sorry, I Meant EDIROL UA-25 not UA-12 in the topic

Today I got a brand new Edirol UA-25. I bought it because my earlier soundacard Tascam US-122 didn't work out.
It popped like crakcled like a broken CD. I never thought that it would be the same with new USB-audiointerface.
So, I realised that it's my computer or OS which is causing me the trouble. So do you think it's about my USB-settings or devices, hard disks, processor, any other settings, or what?

AMD athlon 3000+ 64
1 Gt ram
360 Gt Maxtor hard disk
ASUS Motherboard with 6 USB ports, nothing else but USB mouse connected

I've tried to change latency and buffer settings and they work a little but the popping still continues.

I'm getting kind of desperate, please help!