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Thread need advice on the audiophile pls

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1 need advice on the audiophile pls
ey everyone ....i just got to know this site.seems to be a very useful one. i had a question pls

iam building a small computer based studio for myslef. wanted to know if the audiophile card will be ok for me because i dont know how many inputs i need and stuff . here is what i need to connect .

1-midi keyboard (USB)

2-some speakers creative 5.1 (cant afford propper speakers) :rolleyes:

3-small 3 channel mixer

4-mic for vocals .

5- mybe a guitar

thnx in advance ;)
The Audiophile is basically a 4 x 4 audio interface, however 2 of those I/O are on coaxial s/pdif so you will need an A/D/A converter to take advantage of those 2 digital channels.
If you're just wanting to record yourself in a project environment one track at a time, the setup described should be a good place to start. If you want to do more than that, you'll need more stuff.
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