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Thread L and R Main outs

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1 L and R Main outs
On my mixer which im attempting to plug into my comp (soundcard) has only two main outs in 1/4" form (the rest are XLR). it has one out for an L and one for an R. How do i get this into my comp which only has 1 in????????

IF your soundcard has line in(maybe a blue jack, NOT red or pink which is mic) you can buy an adapter cable,
mini stereo to 1/4" standard guitar type. At this level of quality you'll then have to deal with the windows mixer
to select the line level input to the computer. Try right clicking on the speaker icon, click OPEN VOLUME CONTROLS
then look for and click OPTIONS, then PROPERTIES, then select RECORDING and select LINE.

If you've only a mic input, you'll need a dfferent approach.

Go Firewire, it's worth the $$$ and more transferable.