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Thread Which card do I select for...

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1 Which card do I select for...
I need to be able to play a MIDI song with my sequencer, and - at the same time, using the same sound card - record it as audio using a separate multitrack recorder running on the same machine.

Let me explain my intent...

My bro and I are ridding a MIDI song of its bass and drums. This requires us to record the bass'less, and drum'less song as an audio file. We will then import the newly recorded audio wave file into our multitrack recorder and add our bass and drums.

I have heard "Record what you hear" term, but doesn't this require a sound card that can **** simultaneously **** play and record. The key - I believe - is that the hardware must support the simultaneous play and record. Sorry for iterating.

"Record what you hear" (or "what-u-hear" or "stereo mix") is a setting that can be found in the recording volume properties of windows. just click it, open your midi file and mulititrack recording software and play/record simultaneously. that should do the trick