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Thread I can't get my Realtek off What U Hear

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Topic I can't get my Realtek off What U Hear
Just started using Cubase at home and everything seems to be working ok.

Problem is, I've got my drums down on track one, and when i go to record track two not only does it record my guitar (lined in) but it also
records the drums on track one again.

The creative soundcards that I use at school are simple. You just de-select 'What U Hear' to solve this problem, but I can't figure out
where to do this on the Realtek High Definition Audio Manager.

Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!


I got Realtek High Definition Audio Manager too. And according to your problem. It doesn't sound like it's from the Soundcard, but more from Cubase.. But since it works by changing something in Creative maybe not. How did you get the drums in on Track 1? Was it recorded from a drumset? Sampled? Sounds even like you are recording both tracks at once, and that would mean you forgot to switch off the Record on Track 1?

Can you explain more about what the problem is? Maybe I can magically come up with an idea!

- Nico