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Thread Which CARD?

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1 Which CARD?
Hallo vibers,

Im been procrastinating this, and no musics being recorded as a result, sooooooooooo can some one show me the a path

Ive got Cubase SX and my computers over gone an overhaul and now its got an AC97 somrthingeratha
onboard card which is a general allround pain in the arse and just screws recording anything.

I need to buy a soundcard thats gunna be able to record guitar, bass, beats (reason or mixer) and drums.

Whats the best card to get for say individual playing (ie say maximum two - three inputs at a time).

Im not looking at the upper end of the price scope say preferably $200 Australian or even up to $300 if its warrented.

I just want to get back into recording.

thanks for your help