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Thread sound delay from controller to speakers

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1 sound delay from controller to speakers
Hey all,

this is my first post and im totaly new to audio production, infact im still trying to set up my hardware and soft ware and i have hit a snag! Im almost there but my problem is when i pick an instruement in my software (CuBasis) theres about a 3 second delay between the time i press a key and on my controller (Edirol PCR-30) and the time the sound hits my speakers, im using an audiophile MAudio sound card. If anyone reads this and know what the hello to do, please help!!
check you buffer sizes in Cubasis. Smaller buffer=less delay.
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it's not the buffer , it's the driver. In options-audio setup, cubasis automatically selects a driver other than the one your sound card uses which causes the delay