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Thread Seperate Outputs

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1 Seperate Outputs
I've been recording on my PC with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 using my computers sound card...and it sounds great, that's not the problem. I want to mix, but I obviously can't use the speakers that came with the computer. I can get a pair of powered studio monitors cheap and i'd like to use them with my computer..but i'm not sure if I can. I'd need a soundcard with seperate left and right outputs....is that available? Or can I just come out of my exisiting sound card with a mini to left/right split? I don't think I can do that....but if I can let me know. I have an SB live card by the way...
Any help you can give is appreciated...!
Using you studio monitors should not be an issue even with your current soundcard. Do you know what's the format of the speakers' inputs?
If you have the SB card, make sure your output is set to Line Out levels (some have a jumper for a powered output). The output is most likely a stereo 3.5mm miniplug (it uses a mini tip-ring-sleeve connector to carry left and right stereo channels on the same plug). If using powered speakers, all you would need is an adapter that has a TRS 3.5mm mini plug on one end for the soundcard and whatever the input to the monitors is on the other (usually 1/4" or RCA connectors on home studio near field monitors).
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Cool, so I don't have to get anything new! (except the monitors). The monitors inputs are 1/4", so I guess all I need is a mini 3.5 out to left and right 1/4". Does anyone else do this? It works okay?
I am not currently doing it, but I have in the past!! :lol:
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Hey one last question...
I notice on my volume control under playback, I have the option to turn up or turn down the bass and treble. So when I'm mixing with my monitors, where should I set the level? Because that setting will obviously color my sound. Should it be all the way down for both? Or in the middle? (that's where it is now, default I guess)...
If the middle is default, than that is probably the "flat" setting. I'd leave it there, unless you can find an option to disable the eq completely (even better).
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