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Thread an integrated soundchipset of C-Media

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Topic an integrated soundchipset of C-Media
hi :shock:

my 2 usb outputs are occupied, an 1.1 ghz/1 gb ram and an integrated soundchipset of C-Media. I was planning on buying an external soundcard of M-Audio and i'm happy to see that name all-over this forum. But can i easly expand my busports and enable that soundchip ?

grtx 2 all of you
even if you don't like the question

I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm not sure I understand the question. You want more USB inputs? If it's a desktop PC, just get a PCI USB interface card. If it's a laptop, I'm not sure what the options are.

And I'm not sure what the relationship is between more USB ports and your soundchip is. You want to use both? Just enable the sound chip in your BIOS (if it's not already), and then set it up in Windows.

Maybe a little more detail would help.... ;)
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USB is modular : You can get a USB hub at 30 bucks (4 ports) and extend the number of your devices up to 256 according to this universal norm.

Give us more details about what you want to do and we'll give you directions about soundcards.

thx both
a good answer to me : disable in Bios, USB plenty ... i want a soundcard, something like M-Audio, but i'll read some info on that first, thx again.
read you later,