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Thread Sound Card for Home Studio

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1 Sound Card for Home Studio

I would like to set up a home studio using my PC to record and edit. I will mainly be recording solo guitar, vocals, and the like. I won't be recording drum sets any time in the forseeable future (in other words I don't think I need multiple inputs). I am also planning to transfer records into digital format to put on CD. MIDI would be nice, but not a neccesity.
I would like to get a sound card that is easy to work with for a beginner to recording engineering, but one that I won't feel the need to replace as my skills progress.

I have been considering the Sound Blaster Audigy II Platinum Pro; and the Terretec DMX 6 Fire 2496. Does anyone out there currently use either of these cards? Is the software that comes with these packages sufficient, or should I be looking at new software as well? Are there other cards in this price range (<$500 US) that anyone could suggest for my purposes?

G'day mate,

Your best bet is the cliched Audiophile 2496. I've heard the Terratec is pretty sweet for gaming and has alright surround capabilities, but the hardware and drivers for the audiophile are wicked for the price. The only problem I have found is that the support is pretty shite - I sent them an email half a year ago with no reply or notification of receipt. The breakout cable has a midi in and out and a Sony/Philips Digital Interface I/O. With all the bloody cash coming into Midiman, you'd think they'd spend more on service or better products? I guess we have to wait and see how the Revolution 7.1 fares.

Go the audiophile mate.
First off would you be recording the vocals and gutiar at the same time or at different times? For bothe of the applications i jusmentioned it sound like a Lynx Soundcard would be great seeing how they really only have 2 inputs and the best quality on the market.