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Thread New to replace trusty old soundcard

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Topic New to replace trusty old soundcard
I currently have a Turtle Beach Multisound Pinnacle, which I **love**.

But it's getting to the point where I need to replace my motherboard and unforunately ISA is an interface of the past and I can't get a P4 mobo with any ISA slots :-(

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good replacement. I need digital IO (sp/dif, optical or coaxial), line in/out, a midi in/out interface and preferably a decent on board synth.

I mainly use the PC for editing, I still have an 8 track real to real which I much prefer for full band recording. I use the SP/DIF for connection to my DAT recorder.

I occasionally have a need for a synth. Many complained about the Kurzweil on the Turtle Beach, but I love it. Layered with my old Yamaha keyboard it sounds great.

Hopefully someone has a good suggestion, many thanks.