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Thread Sound processor trouble

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1 Sound processor trouble
Ive recently bought a set of bi-amplified monitors and I cant find a sound processor that meets my needs. Im planning on doing fl studio type work, but Im not doing any recording so all I really need is 2 1/4 outputs. I just want something that puts out good sound quality so I can use my monitors. If it comes with a few other things like mic or guitar i/o's thats fine, i might use them in the future. I just dont want to pay for a bunch of stuff I wont use. So thats my situation, any recommendations? (Im looking for a usb 2.0 or pci interface)

I believe it would be useful if you told us (at least approximately) how much you're able/willing to spend. Also, what model of monitors do you own?
My budget could go up to 200, preferebly closer to 100. the model of monitors i have: Event 20/20 BAS.