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Thread Which card??

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1 Which card??
I have finally come to realize that if I want to record, I can't just go and spend $100 on a usb sound card. I have been looking around, and a few options I am considering are:

Tascasm Us-122. I was almost ready to buy this one when I saw the previous thread about this card. I think I will stay clear of it, but tell me if you think I should buy it.

I noticed that Gawain reccommended the Audiophile and Duo. I don't know whether to trust musiciansfriend or not, but the us-122 had a better rating than he audiphile. Should I just ignore this rating, or not? The duo is one I really am starting to like. The price is higher than I origanlly wanted to spend but it appears to be really good quality for its price.

Can you guys tell me what you recommend.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Macho Moose,
to me when choosing a soundcard, one of the most important thing to consider is the support the maker will provide in case of problem. The people at M-audio have a good reputation for that. I don't know much about the support provided by Tascam.

This the only reason why I would recommend the M-audio over the Tascam
Ok, thanks.

I was looking more at the Audiophile and saw that it had 2 1/4 in/outs and 2 rca. What exactly does this mean? Does it take mics or would instruments have to be plugged straight into it, or both? Another question that I have been meaning to ask is, what does a Midi do?

Also, if it does take mics would only 2 be able to be recorded at a time?

It won't take mics. Those are line level inputs. You would want a small mixer to plug your mics and whatnot into, then plug the outputs of the mixer into the soundcard. The RCA plugs are digital inputs, not audio. The are for hooking up, for instance, a guitar model unit like a POD or something that has coaxial SPDIF (digita) outputs.

Midi is a data protocol that is used for controlling things that will respond to midi inputs, or will produce midi outputs, like a synthesizer. Midi data from a sequencer will consist of note on, pitch, duration data to make the synth sound a note. It is NOT audio, though, it is data that makes the synth put out an audio note.

Lastly, the Audiophile only records 2 analog tracks (or 1 stereo track) at a time. If you want multiple inputs, you will need something like a Delta 1010 that has 8 analog ins and outs.
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