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Thread USB Soundcard around £100 or less for recording guitar/vocal

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1 USB Soundcard around £100 or less for recording guitar/vocal
Basically is this possible? I've heard some recommendations about the M-Audio stuff, but I don't know which to go for. Any for not too much more than £100?

I'm a student (hence not too much spare cash) and desperately want to be able to record my acoustic guitar and some vocals through a mic.

I have N-Track recording software and an AKG D870 mic and a laptop computer.

People keep telling me not to get Soundblasters as I was looking at the USB card they do, the Audigy II NX. Is this no good? What about the M-Audio Sonica Theatre? If I got something like one of these then could I just plug my mic straight into the line in and start playing? Or would I need a seperate pre-amp or something for the mic?

I know that's a lot of questions, but basically, can I get a USB soundcard for my laptop that will let me record guitar/vocals through a mic to a reasonable quality for around £100?

Thanks in advance for any advice,