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Thread Acoustic Guitar/Vocal recording questions

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1 Acoustic Guitar/Vocal recording questions
I've had Pro Tools LE, the Mbox, and my Powerbook G4 for a few months now and have a few questions about basic recording with vocals and acoustic guitar. As of now I've been plugging in my acoustic guitar directly into the Mbox, and I've been using a Shure Sm58 for the vocals. Any ideas as to how I could improve the sound quality of the guitar? (with mixing, levels etc.)

I have been thinking about buying a condenser mic for the guitar, and possibly to use for vocals as well, but I'm on a really tight budget. Can anyone recommend some quality condensers at a decent price?

Lastly, I find that no matter what I do in the final mix, the overall volume of each song tends to be much softer than a track on a real CD. I have been raising the levels of each track so that the master fader level is as high as it can go, but perhaps their is something else I can do?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help.
HI, an AKG mic 2000B would be a good choice for acc. guitar recording and for most voices as well. For both guitar and voice a condenser mic is required concerning dynamics. The AKG is a pro mic on a budget price.
AKG make mics for about 50 years so?
There are different possibilitys why you recordings are missing some power.Could be the mixing desk, the samples or acc. instruments are not being recorded on the bases with enough dynamics or headroom and also you need to have a good pre-amp. The fact is, in recording you will be able to learn something new all the time even after years of experience due to the fact that technology goes too fast.
Hopefully this will help you sorten things out.
chris at www.tsunamimusic.be
Hi, I think an external condenser mic will always get you a better sound on an acustic guitar. AKG make great mics, no doubt, but not all people like the flavour of all of their miks. If on a low budget, try the ADK A51 (not AKG) for a neutral sound on both vocals and guitar. Thats one I like.
(Pros and "pros" will favour Neumann, AKG or Röde, but listen to what you get.)

The preamp will make big difference also, RNP, Really Nice Preamp is a good one.

I also think you could use a bit compression to get a fat sounding vocal.
Some basic compression setting can be found here: