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Thread Reccomendations on Firewire Interface

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1 Reccomendations on Firewire Interface
Looking for some friendly advice from anyone that's had some experience with Firewire multiport interfaces...I was contemplating the purchase of an Edirol DA-2496 PCI card based system to complete my setup, but the similar Firewire interfaces have caught my interest, hence the inquiry...
Any and all replies/advice welcomed!
Thanks in advance.
Products with the firewire interface are really good. Not as fast as a PCI-Based setup but it gets the job done. And plus if you need a mobile setup
also you can just switch it from you desktop to your laptop
Thanks for the info!
I'm looking at the upcoming FA-101 from Ediroll but if you've found the PCI based setups to be speedier, I may just look closed at the DA-2496 PCI setup, also by Edirol