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Thread Difficult Sound Card

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1 Difficult Sound Card
Ok here is the problem, I have an onboard sound, for some dumb reason win98 refused to set it up after having to format hdd. Now I know the problem exist in the drivers, update them and they will run...

I unfortunately dont know what the product name is for my sound, how do I find out and how can I get my sound working again....
You should try to look in the controle pannel in system section. The device manager may provide the name of the soundcard.
Opening a computer is not as scary as some people think. Unplug the mains lead. Remove the cover and then remove the sound card (remember to earth yourself against the computer body). You will almost certainly get all the information needed from your card. DO NOT MESS WITH THE CARD, just get the required info and then replace carefully into the slot.
If you have onboard audio it might be a chip on the motherboard. I think that the only way you will discover the chipset/manufacturer is to check the BIOS. All the devices on the motherboard are picked up there. Otherwise check with your computer builder.
This is assuming that it's on the mainboard and not a PCI card.....if it is...follow the advice you got previously.