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Thread soundcard for my mobile audio needs

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1 soundcard for my mobile audio needs
Hey y'all! I need a soundcard/audio interface. I'm looking for something that will allow line level and mic inputs (4), has its own preamps and phantom power, 24 bit/96kHz, 4 or more outs. I don't care how it connects to my computer, though I'd like to stay away from the USB stuff because I've heard that it just isn't fast enough for good performance. My computer has 3 USB 2.0 ports (which I don't mind using for the soundcard because they aren't as slow as the old USB), 1 firewire, and 1PCMCIA slot. Like I said, any of those connections are fine, but I'd like to leave the firewire open for other gear (like my external glyph hard drive). Does anyone have any suggestions? Oh yeah, I'm on a budget. Doesn't that always throw a monkey wrench in the works! I'd like to keep it under 425 US dollars. I'd 'preciate any help. Thanks.

The only audio interface in USB 2.0 at the moment is made by Edirol but is above you budget limit. PCMCIA cards do esixt but are also very expensive. You can either go USB 1.0 with something like a M-audio Mobile Pre or Firewire with the Firewire 410. Ran't there such things as Firexire hubs that will allow you to connect several devices to a single Firewire port?
The Echo PCMCIA cards have really nice headphone outs and they're not that expensive - I think the Echo Indigo DJ is a lot cheaper than the M Audio Firewire 410. I've got a FW410 - and I'm not very happy with the quality of it to be honest: one broke after 1 week and the replacement seems to have faulty headphone outs meaning I'm currently using it with a headphone amp. I've also got an Echo Indigo and it seems to work fine. I think the great thing about PCMCIA cards is that they're so small and neat - less to carry around and set up if you're on the move.
'Preciate the suggestions y'all. I'll check those out. As for that Firewire Hub, can it run several firewire devices without sacrificing data transfer speed? If so, then I might look into that. Thanks again. Take care.